Validating game files steam

21-Aug-2017 23:47

As shown in the diagram above, directories are represented as tables.

Because we implement tables using B trees, directories can scale efficiently, becoming very large.

Above all, we are delivering this in a pragmatic manner consistent with the delivery of a major file system—something only Microsoft has done at this scale.

When we look at the file system API, this is the area where compatibility is the most critical and technically, the most challenging.

This file system, which we call Re FS, has been designed from the ground up to meet a broad set of customer requirements, both today’s and tomorrow’s, for all the different ways that Windows is deployed.

The key goals of Re FS are: In addition, Re FS inherits the features and semantics from NTFS including Bit Locker encryption, access-control lists for security, USN journal, change notifications, symbolic links, junction points, mount points, reparse points, volume snapshots, file IDs, and oplocks.

Files are implemented as tables embedded within a row of the parent directory, itself a table (represented as File Metadata in the diagram above).

The rows within the File Metadata table represent the various file attributes.

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Of course at the application level, Re FS stored data will be accessible from clients just as NTFS data would be.The new engine interface includes the notion of “tables” that are enumerable sets of key-value pairs.

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