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08-Sep-2017 01:39

"right now there's a lot to do before Zelda arrives." My jaw literally dropped at her response while Ray gave her bottom a pat, turning and grinned at me before going back to tidying the room.

Needless to say my mind was instantly full of the fact that my mother was apparently willing to be fucked again, my thoughts were interrupted by the telephone ringing.

The memory of her thirty-four inch boobs moving under my hands filled my mind to be replaced a moment later by the delightful memory of how her shaven pussy had felt as it slid up and down on my cock.

By the time I was sat at the table my cock was at its full 8 inches and felt uncomfortably confined by my clothes.

Then it struck me that Ray may not get an opportunity of a repeat performance with my mother with Zelda due to arrive at any minute.

Call me petty, but that thought cheered me up no end.

I watched my mother answer it then wave the phone at Ray, all I could hear was his part of the conversation and he did not seem too pleased about the call. "Seems I'll be going home tomorrow," Ray announced.

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My eyes rested on those boobs for a moment before lifting to my aunt's face, she grinned at me as I let her in then leant a cheek in my direction. My mother greeted Zelda with a hug and a full glass of booze and that was it, the pair of them sat themselves down to drink and chat for the next hour while I sat watching them and wondering why Ray wasn't putting in an appearance."Morning all." Ray greeted us from the kitchen doorway.