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Location on our Palermo Map –Sicilian Cook Books One of the most photographed objects in Palermo is the giant, snow-white fountain in the Piazza Pretoria, just southeast of the Quattro Canti.

Disgust with Palermo's legendary malfeasance, in addition to the fountain's abundant nudity, are the two reasons that Plaza Pretoria is known among citizens as the Plaza of Shame (We're Jürgen and Mike, from Germany and the USA. With hundreds of puzzles featuring our photography from around the world, you'll never run out of new destinations to discover!

With bridges and stairs, the fountain appears to invite climbing and exploration, but a fence keeps onlookers well away.

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He also chose to dress the part and bring props – these with the suitcase worked best for the theme.

He looked far too happy with his guitar to look like he was suffering in exile!

Born wanderers, we love learning about new cultures and have decided to see the world... Always being tourists might get lame, but eternal newcomers? So, our plan is to move to an interesting new city, once every three months.