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The Royal Navy, however, operated on a more meritocratic, or at least socially mobile, basis. Graduates from the United States service academies attend their institutions in an active duty status for no less than four years and, with the exception of the USMMA, are commissioned immediately upon graduation with a Regular commission; they make up approximately 20% of the U. A smaller number of officers may be commissioned via other programs, such as the Marine Corps Platoon Leaders Class (PLC) during summers while attending college.

PLC is a sub-element of Marine Corps OCS and college and university students enrolled in PLC undergo military training at Marine Corps Officer Candidate School in two segments: the first of six weeks between their sophomore and junior year and the second of seven weeks between their junior and senior year.

In the infantry, a number of Warrant Officer Class 1s (WO1) are commissioned as LE officers.

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In the second method, an individual may gain their commission after first enlisting and serving in the Junior Ranks, and typically reaching one of the senior non-commissioned officer (SNCO) ranks (which start at sergeant (Sgt), and above), as what are known as 'Direct Entry' or DE officers (and are typically and informally known as an 'ex-ranker').

AOCS focused on producing line officers for Naval Aviation who would become Naval Aviators and Naval Flight Officers upon completion of flight training, followed by a smaller cohort who would become Naval Air Intelligence Officers and Aviation Maintenance Duty Officers.

Designated as Aviation Officer Candidates (AOCs), individuals in the AOCS program were primarily non-prior military service college graduates, augmented by a smaller cohort of college-degreed Active Duty, Reserve or former enlisted personnel.

Within a nation's armed forces, armies (which are larger) tend to have a lower proportion of officers, but a higher total number of officers, while navies and air forces have higher proportions of officers, especially since aircraft are flown by officers.

For example, 13.9% of British army personnel and 22.2% of the RAF personnel were officers in 2013, but the army had a larger total number of officers.

In the late 1970s, a number of Air Force ROTC graduates who had lost their flight training slots prior to going on active duty due to a post-Vietnam Reduction in Force (RIF) resigned their inactive USAF commissions and also attended AOCS for follow-on naval flight training.

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