Liquidating diamond jewelry

04-Aug-2017 12:06

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When you choose to upgrade the size or quality of your S&E diamond, by 100% of the original purchase price, you will receive 100% of your original purchase price toward the new diamond. Sometimes the cash value is higher than the usefullness of the jewelry piece. An estate settlement may involve the liquidation of jewelry.

When it comes to 2 carat and larger diamonds, we are extremely confident that you wont find a higher cash price anywhere.We have a constant pulse on the jewelry market, current prices, competition and world-trading climate so we can always offer you the best prices for your unwanted diamonds and jewelry.The larger and more rare the item, the more aggressive we become.Similar to gold, the reasons for selling a diamond can be quite varied.

Quite possibly the most important consideration of all is whether to sell your diamond or seek other alternatives.

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