Lesbian dating lesbian

14-Jan-2018 16:10

pretty amazing and generally well received, i study international development & have a healthy interest in most things which is vague but actually true, also i'm not the greatest at profile writing so i am less stilted than perhaps how i come across on here!

You'll have to accept that I'll never love you as much as I love my cat. Intelligent, well mannered, animal lover, fashion crazy, gamer, nerd, fetishist, make up enthusiast.

Being outdoors - sport with friends - smiling, cooking - appreciating beauty, creating my business and home.

So pretty much everyone calls me Toon or Toonie or whatever nickname they think of Sometimes I pretend to be normal but it gets boring I am all about smiles :-D Smiles make a difference Im an optimist.

🙈 I work in the travel industry, love to laugh and can be extremely loud at times!

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I try to live a simple and thoughtful life, taking care of the people, animals and places I love.

Tell them from the beginning however uncomfortable or awkward things may be. This person has no intention of coming out the closet and are normally using you for selfish reasons. You won’t have a happily ever after with a straight girl. Falling for a straight girl is typical in the lesbian community but this scenario almost always ends in heartbreak for the lesbian or bi-sexual woman.