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One only has to go to the Ardennes to witness beautiful rolling hills and ridges, and the capital of Brussels is spread across several hills and valleys.

Belgium is undeniably small, but still not as small as, say, Luxembourg.

Its small size also makes it super accessible to travel around, and perfect for day trips.

While Belgian beer is justifiably world famous for its diversity and quality, there are many other drinks the Belgians are good at making.

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Walloon French differs from the ‘Standard’ French dialect and is therefore seen as an inferior or uneducated version of French.Starting with the masterful Flemish Primitives (such as Jan Van Eyck, and the Breughel clan), Baroque giants such as Peter Paul Rubens, and of course, the Surrealist movement, headed by one René Magritte (although artists such as Paul Delvaux and expressionist James Ensor are definitely worth checking out too).