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US citizens must make a formal declaration to renounce their citizenship.It cannot be done by parents or others, nor can any child under 16 because they are not considered mature enough.Others coralled the evacuees by firing AK-47s into the air, strings of extra bullets across their chests.Tens of thousands of people were marched for days out of the city, some carrying the very young while others pushed the sick along on hospital beds, and soon Chhung started to see bodies littering the roadsides.By the time the tyrannical rule of Pol Pot - or "Brother Number One" - ended four years later, an estimated two million Cambodians had been killed as the Khmer Rouge drove the country back to "Year Zero". They starved us, jailed people with no food and water until they died...

The former school-turned-torture-chamber has also been preserved as a grisly testament to the horrors of the era, which ended when the Khmer Rouge were forced to retreat to jungle hideouts.“Now I am finding a way to renounce US citizenship from my grandchild because probably the US will make war with some countries and will require my grandchild to be a US soldier,” he said in comments posted on Facebook on Thursday.The grandchild was born when his or her parents were studying in the US.A few days later Phnom Penh was empty, its entire population of two million relocated to work in the countryside in one of the largest forced migrations in modern history.

The sick, elderly and very young soon perished, as "bourgeois" city dwellers were forced to scratch a living from the parched soil.

"About 10 or 11am the same day, the Khmer Rouge soldiers ordered us off the streets and to start leaving the city.

The parishes of Ashburton, Widecombe-in-the-Moor, Buckland-in-the-Moor, Woodland, Ilsington and South Brent contain records of hundreds of Smerdons dating back to the 1600's, and it is from here that nearly all Smerdons around the World can trace their ancestry.… continue reading »

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