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He was then shown the sketch of the hanged man from Majhu's Facebook page.

Skinner told the tribunal: "I was concerned that the drawing may have been aimed at me.

That also has led people to believe that Taker, real name Mark Calaway, will be entering the WWE’s Hall of Fame for the 2018 class of inductees. While he had debuted days earlier as “Kane the Undertaker” for a taping of WWE’s Superstars, it was the November 22, 1990, pay-per-view where he debuted on-camera for the first time as The Undertaker.

At the time, he was managed by Brother Love but brought into the fold by Ted Dibiase aka “The Million Dollar Man.” For the pay-per-view, Taker would reunite with his brother Kane as The Brothers of Destruction.

The panel said judgement would be deferred to be made in writing at a later date.

seem to have died down, his history at the popular event over the years is too big to ignore.

Empire Sports claims to be 'satirical website' but the satire is pretty thin here - clearly it was just aiming to go viral with gossip about a much loved star, the story having already received over 100,000 views.

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The exchange came after a heated relationship between the co-workers after Majhu was suspended for charging a four-day trip to Las Vegas to the company, in 2014.

The duo took on Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper of The Wyatt Family in a traditional tag team match.

As expected, it was the brothers rising tall, as they defeated Bray and Luke in just over 10 minutes of action.

I saw that he was sleeping so I went to wake him and nothing. So I got worried and tried shaking him and shoving him and even hitting him across the back with a folding chair. I checked him breathing and there was a very short breath every few seconds.

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I called 911 and by the time they got here there was no breathing at all.Underneath he wrote: "May the worms and maggots and may the hounds of hell feast on your rotting skull.