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28-Oct-2017 02:18

But then you think about the places that we used to play compared to now, and that’s pretty fucking wild.

When you sit down and think about it, you get these, ‘Holy fuck! Like, ‘Holy shit, I can’t believe we’re in Japan playing to loads of kids!

If you keep that really pure, it’ll stay there and there’s nothing that’ll touch it, that’ll touch the making of the music.

Especially if you’re never making records to make money and you’re not motivated by mortgages or... It’ll never affect our music.” BOB: “We’ve done vans for a long fucking time, and been in positions where we had to hitch rides and sleep on people’s floors. Maybe not as much as some bands have, but it’s not like we’re out there acting like the biggest rock stars in the world.” RAY: “We’re still the same group of guys we were five years ago.

We were grouped with a lot of other bands and this album blindsided a lot of people. That stuff took so long because we could never just bang out a record, put a collection of songs out.

There’s little point belabouring what’s now an undeniable truth: My Chemical Romance, erstwhile New Jersey nobodies with a dream, are fucking huge. I’ve been looking forward to starting this tour for quite some time.” BOB BRYAR: “It’s going really well. ’ I needed confirmation from somebody that had showered in maybe a week that could tell me I’m OK, and that we’re doing the right thing, and that we’re not fucking crazy... The more insane or wacky the idea was, the more likely we were to try it. We’ve always worried about everything sounding the same.