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10-Jan-2018 11:03

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Two key biblical words relating to the morality of sexual experiences are love and covenant.

is the love that grows out of one's own need to love and to be loved.

There is no reason to become tense and condemnatory about sexual abuses out of proportion with numerous other sins that are equally serious.

For the sake of the world, for the unity of the church, and for the benefit of our personal health, this is a timely moment in history to keep sexuality in perspective. Biblical Guidelines For Sexual Morality In order for sexual experiences to be complete and appropriate in God's sight, persons need to make choices based upon the counsel of the Scriptures and also of the church.

It is the love that fulfills one's dreams and desires.

It is the impulse toward life, union, creativity, and productivity.

Position of the Church Sexuality is elemental in human beings.

It encompasses all that we are when we say "I am female" or "I am male." Physical attributes, including genitals, are an integral part of our sexual identity; however, sexuality is not just physical.

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Alarmists fail to remember that generations come and generations go, but the Lord remains forever (Psa. Sexual misuses and abuses are serious sins; however, they are not the only sins.He wrote: "...there is neither male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus" (Gal. Our oneness in Christ supersedes the old human distinctions and inequalities including race, economic status, and sex. Although Jesus briefly addressed a few issues related to sexuality--adultery, marriage, divorce, and celibacy--these were not the emphases in his teaching.

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